The PAWMeranian Paw Artist

2014 – 2015 Series

rainbowI was born on June 4, 2011 in Moreno Valley, CA and living with my loving parents, Melody and Gideon the artists in La Quinta, CA where art is an essential part of life.

I have been watching them create art in the studio all my life and at one point I thought that I would like to try it too. My mom is painting also in watercolor on canvas and to me this looked like the right medium, so I can have my paws washed off when I am done.

So I paint with watercolors on canvas, enjoying the process very much and fascinated by the end results. I love it so much that I have also invited my friends, Koko the German Shepard and Luna the schnauzer to join me with some paintings.

My parents also conduct workshops for other dogs (and other pets in general) that their parents are interested in their pets’ art.

Hope you love it, woof, woof, see you soon.


2014 – 2015 Series

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