Melody Manning-Cohn

2010 – 2011 Series 2013 – 2014 series – 2016 series

melodyBorn and raised in Southern Indiana, now living in La Quinta California.

I am blessed with a supportive husband, 2 young adult children and 1 daughter in law; all live in Southern California.

I also have extended family living in Israel that I love to visit.

Music and art were my favorite subjects in school and after raising my children I made a promise to myself that art will once again be a part of my life in the near future.

I then crossed that bridge and met my future husband Gideon. We discussed a project that I had in mind to paint and he encouraged me to paint it, I have been painting since 2010 and find that I love to express myself with images on canvas.

Realizing there is much to learn I have an open mind and free spirit, and ready for the next adventure.

My desire is to become a professional artist that expresses feelings of love, through joy, and always with originality; art that collectors will enjoy for years to come.

I love to experience and feel the creative surge through my current experiences with my exploration of Water Color painting and other experimental media.


2010 – 2011 Series 2013 – 2014 series – 2016 series

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